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Magento, The 2nd Most Popular E-Commerce Platform Worldwide With A Massive Growth Of 122.6 %.
Why Not You Develop Your Business Site Based On Such Platform?

Magento is an open source eCommerce web application which is owned by the eCommerce giant eBay. Magento typically offers all the features crucial for any growing eCommerce web venture including scalability, control, flexibility, enterprise-class features, etc. Over the years it has become one of the leading eCommerce platforms with great range of extensions, ever-growing community support and popularity. Magento unlike many other open source web development platforms is specifically designed for eCommerce sites and is endowed with great array of business optimizing result driven tools. The web application was built using partly the Zend framework and as for storing data it uses entity-attribute-value or EAV database model. Launched in 2008 this smart eCommerce solution is now having millions of user base transforming itself as one of the most successful web platform ever in the eCommerce niche.

Why Use Magento?

For ecommerce solutions on the web Magento offers a very flexible, scalable and feature rich application development platform that make it an irreplaceable choice for many business websites. Here are some of the top reasons as for choosing Magento as the ecommerce application development platform.

  • Magento offers multiple web store capacity with the same interface or control.
  • Magento offers great integration features to work with third party websites and applications including all search engines, many business and eCommerce sites, all major payment gateways and open source databases.
  • Magento is built to address the issue of scalability to accommodate your increasing business data, content and apps as you grow.
  • Magento is feature rich providing every kind of functionality including SEO, internationalization, marketing tools and much more.
  • Great control with well-arranged user levels and account management for the users.
  • Having three different versions Magento addresses users of all types, ranging from large-scale commerce to small retailers.
  • As the leading eCommerce platform Magento is regularly benefited from the contributing community of designers and developers and is updated with the enhancements regularly.
  • Less dependability on standard templates and more on customization and thus the developer can provide more creative twists in the web presence.
  • Low cost of implementation and fast system deployment.
  • Magento is continually benefited from thousands of paid and third party modules which accumulatively comes under Magento Connect.

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