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PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages for web development. Being fast, flexible and pragmatic PHP is best suited for all types of web pages including blogs to eCommerce to websites with diverse multimedia content. The flexibility of PHP is considered unparallel to other scripting languages crucial for web development and today having PHP skill set is often the basic prerequisite for a web developer and designer. PHP is absolutely free and released under the PHP license. The language can be deployed free of cost across all servers and operating platforms making it available for every web developer. Until now 16 versions of PHP have been released making it one of the most frequently developed free scripting languages.

Why Use PHP?

To reply the question as to why use PHP for web, we can as well say that there is no better scripting language than PHP. PHP is one of the most preferred scripting languages for web developers across the globe. Here are some of the top reasons of using PHP.

  • PHP works great with HTML, the commonest scripting language for web.
  • Being the most powerful server-side scripting language, it often provides best programming output when coupled with HTML, the most common client side scripting language.
  • PHP offer thousands of functions to facilitate any task.
  • PHP scripting enable programmers to create apps on any computer.
  • PHP is portable across diverse environments and operating systems like PC, Mac, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Lindows, Internet, Intranet, etc.
  • Easy to deploy and easy to learn.
  • An array of interactive features lacking in HTML or other scripting languages .
  • Easily accessible code and file organization.
  • Countless number of libraries and tools.
  • MVC pattern in PHP applications leading to clean, separable and better maintainable codes.
  • Better security with better input and output filtering functions.
  • Write less and do more with PHP leading to faster web development.
  • Driving performance with tools like caching, benchmarks, profiling, etc.
  • Built in features for testing while working .
  • A great range of popular frameworks used by developers across the globe.
  • Massive active communities behind every PHP framework making it available for frequent developer feedback and subsequent upgrading initiatives.

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