Theme Customization

Theme Customization

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We thank you very much for your business with us. At Templatic, we have been receiving numerous requests to handle various enhancements in the purchased themes to personalize it for unique requirements. We always strive hard to understand your various needs & find a way to fulfill them. Templatic empowers all business owners like you to build their businesses without worrying at all. Hence we have enabled you to have your various customization done by very own developers who built it.


Whether we’ll be starting from scratch, customizing an existing Templatic theme, or designing a custom plugin – we can’t wait to explore it.
Nobody knows your business like you do so before we move to the next step, provide us some details about what you’re looking for. This helps us evaluate the requirement and raise you an appropriate estimate.

Take a look what our customers has to say about our customization services.

Sometimes you feel that ‘standard’ just doesn’t fit your personal needs. Then a customization is necessary to fit the Theme or plugin to your specific needs. Most times it’s really hard to find somebody who is willing and able to do this for you and it can be quite cost worthy as well. Developers are seldom interested in such customization because they are time consuming and they’d rather develop ‘standard’ Themes and plugins they can sell to thousands of persons. At Templatic, they recognized the wish of many of their customers to customize their Theme or plugin and started offering a service to do so. Because Templatic is based in India, they can offer competitive prices for these time consuming customization and their objective is to meet all wishes of their customers and to make them more loyal and happy with their products. For me personally it is a blessing to have met with Templatic. So far they made all my wishes come true and did several customization at fair prices. I truly hope they will keep up this good work and these fair prices!

- Nick

First, let me say that overall I think your team provides terrific customer service and value. I am so thrilled that you also offer custom work. The estimate process was very easy, I asked for two different options to solve the same problem, and got quotes for each that allowed me to make a decision. The work was done incredibly fast, I think the solution was easy for your team, but out of my skill-set.

- Rachel

I am very happy with Karan’s work. He has been patient with my low level of knowledge and has addressed all of the follow up questions and issues. The price was fine (maybe a little more than I expected) I hope to give him some more work on other aspects of the site. Communication was mainly by email and I found that Karan was almost always very prompt in his replies. I hope he can solve the fake registration problem! One issue is that the full price had to be paid upfront without knowing what the final result will be.

Overall ….. excellent work.