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Wordpress Used By 21.9 % Of Top 10 Million Websites With A Market Share Of Whopping 60.3%.
Have You Benefited By This Popular Content Management System?

WordPress is a free open source blogging tool and content management system. Based on PHP and MySQL this widely popular CMS platform on the web counts for an approximately 20% of top 10 million websites around the globe. As a blogging system on the web it is still the most popular one with a whopping 60 million websites. WordPress is preferred by millions of web users and bloggers for its simplicity, ease and effectiveness. WordPress uses a web template system through its template processor. Typically a user using this popular CMS can enjoy an array of flexible features like installing and switching themes, using multiple plugins, multi user or multi blogger support with one installation, supporting mobile applications and many other features. From typical personal blogging to heavy business websites – there are great range of websites from every niche who prefer WordPress.

Why Use WordPress?

There are factors that make this huge number of people prefer WordPress all over the globe and we introduce some of the prominent ones here.

  • Wide range of plugins offer great range of functionalities for your web presence to look richer.
  • Great visual editor.
  • Intuitive CMS with loads of tools.
  • A custom made blogging platform with every blogging tool that you need.
  • Very easy to handle.
  • Wide range of themes to stylize your blog as you like it to be.
  • Surprisingly easy and quick installation.
  • Easy updating of tools and security functionality from time to time.
  • WordPress offers a great array of SEO plugins.
  • WordPress is perfectly compatible with all servers and accessible to all technologies across diverse gadgets.
  • Built in user registration system to facilitate authenticated comments on your blogs .
  • WordPress let you grow in functionalities and web features as and when required offering great flexibility.
  • Every bit of generated code is compatible with WordPress.
  • WordPress is absolutely free and open source.
  • WordPress fully supports state of the art cross blog communication tools.

Some of the major services included in WordPress:

  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Module / Plugin development
  • Hire Dedicated Developer
  • Bootstrap Responsive WP Theme Design
  • WordPress Content Management Services
  • WordPress Customization
  • Optimization and Maintainance

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